Pre Course Preparation + Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring? 

Obligated – A well working bike, helmet, drink bottle or hydra pack, gloves, closed shoes, Not Obligated – Spare tube, pump, Elbow and knee pads if you usually wear them, a snack like a muesli bar.

You say a HARDTAIL (Only front suspension) is better to do the coaching session on?

Yes I do, they provide more feedback to you as appose to a dual suspension bike that makes up for your mistakes. If you have a HARDTAIl, great! use it! If you have one that would need to be repaired first, that’s up to you, but they are not absolutely essential. 

Do I need to be fit? 

Absolutely not. The course is not one big ride, we are working on our skills not our pedalling! It’s 2 hours but there will only ever be a hill or 2.

What is the top speed of the E-Bikes and do they have a throttle?

The E-Bikes are pedal assist, which means they will add power when you pedal, the more you pedal the more power it will put out! All the way upto 25km/h which is actually quite fast when mountain biking.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

YES, it’s the Australian Law.

I would like to do the session at location not listed 

Great! Send me an email. ForbesMTBCourses@gmail.com

Your question isn’t here? 

Not great! Send me an email. ForbesMTBCourses@gmail.com

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